Narrative essays allow you to share a unique, personal experience and its impact on your life. Here’s a list of topic ideas to help you get started.

Published on: 7/14/20, 3:29 PM

Affect vs. effect. Was vs. were. We’ll go through the most commonly made grammatical errors in college essays and tips you can use to avoid them.

Published on: 7/14/20, 12:08 AM

Your personal statement is arguably the most important part of your college application. Follow these guidelines for an exceptional admissions essay.

Published on: 7/14/20, 12:07 AM

Don’t overlook the title and section headers when putting together your next writing assignment. Follow these pointers for keeping your writing organized and effective.

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Need a topic for your upcoming argumentative essay? We've got 100 helpful prompts to help you get kickstarted on your next writing assignment.

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